Manning Transfer, Inc. began simply in May 1970, when Mike and Kathy Manning started Manning Ice Co. as a sole proprietorship. During this time, local establishments, and state and county fairs were their main source of business. Not long after they began delivering ice to their customers, Mike and Kathy saw the need to expand their services, and applied for Intrastate (local cartage) authority. Following a year of local cartage Mike and Kathy applied for interstate authority to further expand their unique service.

In 1976 Mike and Kathy sold Manning Ice Co. and started operating as Michael J. Manning d/b/a Manning Transfer. Along with this transition came a new location where they purchased property to provide greater operating capacity for their trucks and equipment. Manning Transfer continued growing and expanding it’s services and by 1983 was moving freight throughout the entire Midwest. During this period Manning Transfer transported cardboard, utility tubs, and other general freight.

Manning Transfer, Inc. is located in Blaine, Minnesota.May 1985 was an exciting time for Manning Transfer: the fifteenth-year anniversary, and continuing growth of the company brought a new home in Blaine, MN. During the next few years Manning Transfer began establishing their niche as an on-time service company with exceptional attention to detail. As the demand for our services escalated, the capacity of the facility was outgrown, and in 1988 Manning Transfer moved into it’s current terminal. During this period Manning Transfer continued transporting cardboard, utility tubs, and other general freight, as well as motorcycles, and kitchen cabinets.

Over the next decade Manning Transfer began expanding services throughout the entire 48 states. As Manning Transfer’s on time service reputation spread, it didn’t take long before we began expanding our services into the LTL market. Manning Transfer began hauling more precious commodities like cabinets, store fixtures, electronic enclosures, aircraft parts, and motorcycles.

1996 saw Michael J. Manning d/b/a Manning Transfer, incorporate becoming Manning Transfer, Inc. Since that date Manning Transfer, Inc. has had the pleasure of hiring the majority of its current employees and drivers.

Over the past thirty-five years Manning Transfer, Inc. has learned that with teamwork, honesty, hard work, and a commitment of exceptional service to our employees, drivers, and customers there is no limit to the quality of service we can provide for the next thirty-five years to come.

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